(Making Gil in FFXIV) Beast tribe quests

How to get

To clear specific Beast tribe quests

The theme Earn every day

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Beast tribe quests are received in the daily, you can get variety of rewards.

You can obtain the Materia IV for combat such as (Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Intelligence, Mind, Piety, Heavens’ Eye, Savage Aim, Savage Might, Battledance, Quickarm and Quicktongue) .

Get one for most high-level quest of Sylphs, Amalj’aa, Kobolds and Sahagin.
Therefore, you can get 12 Materia IV in one day.

Order conditions

Eats Shroud
reputation 3 and, war or magic level48

Southern Thanalan
reputation 3 and, war or magic level48

Outer La Noscea
reputation 3 and, war or magic level48

Western La Noscea
reputation 3 and, war or magic level48

Since the implementation to time has passed, the price should have been quite a drop in prices.
However, lore and Midan, such as the future of the preparation, there is still demand.

And Materia V is difficult to obtain, Materia IV is still valid.

In addition, Materia is let’s choose what price is high in the market.
Since (Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Intelligence, Mind and Piety) Materia IV can not be used to advanced, popularity is lower than the other Materia.

By the way, the Beast tribe quests will earn a lot in addition to Materia.

The first is Ixal.

Xelphatol Spring Water
Ehcatl Sealant

These are available on the reputation of 5 or more in the Ixal, you can get by exchanging Ixali Oaknot.

Xelphatol Spring Water can be used to desynthesis’s Beginners and Bacon Broth.

Ehcatl Sealant is used in high-performance equipment of Crafter for level 50.

Demand of this equipment might be not so much, but you can sell to people who want easy to raise the level of the Crafter.

Since they are available only in Ixal, it has maintained a certain price.

However, since there may be any additional items, if you wait and see, would be also good idea to have remains of Ixali Oaknot.

After that, it is expected to Beast tribe quests to be added in the future.

Since then to be added next Quest is said to be a Crafter, let’s raise the level of the Crafter.

Trying to prepare to earn for the future.

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