(Making Gil in FFXIV) Grade 2 Feed

How to get

Grade 2 Feed – Speed Blend
Grade 2 Feed – Acceleration Blend
Grade 2 Feed – Endurance Blend
Grade 2 Feed – Stamina Blend
Grade 2 Feed – Balance Blend

It can make in Culinarian 50☆☆

The theme Earn in new patch.

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A new element was added in patch 3.25.
Easy to earn when the new patch is.

In this patch, I do not see the point to earn in the Anima Weapon.
However, there is a change in the Chocobo race.

First of all, to get a lot experience in the Chocobo race, level is now easy to raise.
Level goes up and can be training, the more demand for Feed to raise the status of the Chocobo.

Grade 1 Feed is now selling in shop from the patch 3.25, but Grade G2 must be to exchange the MGP or make in Culinarian.

Let’s make for players who want to win in the race.

So, how to make Grade 2 Feed,

Gregarious Worm ×2
Mazlaya Greens  ×2
(Any of Sylkis Bud,Pahsana Fruit,Tantalplant,Mimett Gourd and Curiel Root) ×1
Gysahl Greens   ×1

But Gregarious Worm and Mazlaya Greens are unknown material.
And you can get only one at once.

Gregarious Worm

ET 9:00 First-place

Mazlaya Greens

ET 13:00 Second-place

Because it cannot get a lot, it increases the value.

However, retainer can get this item from Hunting.

If you want yourself collected, to use the retainer is more efficient.

And, another of the material,

Sylkis Bud
Pahsana Fruit
Mimett Gourd

They are able to buy in the shop, if you progress the Vath beast tribe quests.

Since the Curiel Root is not selling, only get it in the cultivation.

Gysahl Greens are sold everywhere.

By the way, not only gatherer’s level in order to obtain on your own, you must also raise Culinarian’s level.
If you can not craft, it would be good to sell the materials.

In addition, in this patch there is a point to pay attention to the other.
It is that the number of production of Grade 2 Feed has been changed to 1 → 5.

Now that you can prepare a lot, it can increase the chance to sell.
But, to exchange “Grade 2 Feed-Special” is easier.
So much don’t expect.

Even in such a small patch, let earns.