[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.4 Part 1

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with furniture

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Various furniture items were added for patch 4.4, so I will pick it up.

Bread Rack

Carpenter Lv60☆☆☆ (Master Carpenter IV)

Camphorwood Lumber 5
Darksteel Rivets 2
Liver-cheese Sandwich 3
Kaiser Roll 3
Honey Muffin 5
Walnut Bread 5

It is a shelf with various breads.

Recently, there is an increasing trend of furniture that makes these role play easier.

Materials need to prepare a variety of bread type Meals, but Kaiser Roll can be exchanged for martial arts and Honey Muffin are selling stores, so there are unexpected sources of procurement.

Dyeing is also possible.

Sofa Cushions

Weaver Lv59

Chimerical Felt 3
Rainbow Cloth 3
Sylphic Silk 3
Floss Silk 6

It is a furniture which made a cushion together.

Although it can not be dyed, I think that there are various uses as it is a tabletop product.

It uses materials that are slightly different from Sylphic Silk and Floss Silk, but Sylphic Silk is sold at the Sylphic Vendor, and Floss Silk can be exchanged for Voidrake, if you can procure yourself you will get cheaper.


Weaver Lv50☆☆ (Master Carpenter I)

Vanya Silk 3
Undyed Felt 2
Linen Yarn 5

Although it is a carpet, because it is a floor type of interior, the whole floor will look like this image.

Vanya Silk is a little troublesome, but I think that mass production can also be done to some extent because there are no particularly difficult materials.

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