[FFXIV making Gil] Gyr Abanian Alchemic (patch 4.4 Version)

Acquisition method

Exchange with Yellow Crafters’ Scrip 250

This theme

Earn with materials for Shinshiki equipment

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Gyr Abanian Alchemic is used as the material of last “land and hand” equipment and the last Shinshiki equipment.

Recently, it was an item whose use frequency is falling, but a new recipe has been added as a material of the Shinshiki equipment of this time, and there are many transactions again.

Target item

The added recipe is as follows.

Grade 4 Reisui of Strength
Grade 4 Reisui of Dexterity
Grade 4 Reisui of Vitality
Grade 4 Reisui of Intelligence
Grade 4 Reisui of Mind

Since it is always used when making equipment, the amount used will be considerable. (However, the Reisui is a recipe with 3 productions)

where to obtain

The way to get is to exchange Yellow Crafters’ Scrip 250.

There is no other way to earn yellow Crafters’ Scrip by Collectables, so it will take a bit of trouble.

However, since the exchange rate of land and hand Materia VI has been changed from the current patch to Yellow Crafters’ Scrip 500, in some cases this one might be able to earn.

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