[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.3 Part 1

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with housing demand

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Various furniture items were added for patch 4.3, so I will pick it up.

Mellow Mog Lamp

Goldsmith Lv70☆☆ (Master Goldsmith VI)

Magnanimous Mogcrown × 1
Silvergrace Ingot × 2
Palladium Nugget × 3
Tempered Glass × 3
Wind Cluster × 2
Fire Cluster × 2

It is a lamp imitating Moogle.

There is no switch etc, but it is shining because it is a lamp. (In addition, Moogle pompom)

Magnanimous Mogcrown is troublesome for the material.

It seems that this item can be obtained only with Airship Voyager and Submarine Voyager, so we can not make it easily.

However, as emissions are not strict, there is a possibility that the price on the market is not very high.

Depending on the price, you may earn it well.

Message Book Stand

Carpenter Lv62

Larch Lumber × 2
Beech Lumber × 1
Potash × 1
Crystal Glass × 1
Wildfowl Feather × 1
Wind Crystal × 3
Ice Crystal × 3

It is a furniture that you added with patch 4.3 and you can leave a message.

This will open a contact book and you can leave a message.

Materials are easy to compete because there are many easy things, but it may be sold little by little because it is a furniture with new features.

There are also materials for almost the same Outdoor Furnishing. (Dodo Message Book Stand)

Grand Chair

Leatherworker Lv70☆☆ (Master Goldsmith VI)

Ground Sloth Leather × 4
Zelkova Lumber × 1
Manzasiri Hair × 3
Bloodhempen Yarn × 2
Earth Cluster × 2
Wind Cluster × 2

It is a large chair with chocobo.

It is just as big as Roegadyn, so be careful when setting up and using it.

Dyeing is also possible.

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