[FFXIV making Gil] Stormsap (patch 4.3)

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with demand of land and hand equipment

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Stormsap is a material added in patch 4.3.

It is also a material of the new land and hand equipment added in the same patch 4.3.

It will be used in all parts, and if you arrange all equipment of land and hand, nearly 100 pieces of Stormsap will be needed.

Acquisition method

Namazu beast tribe quests

The easiest thing is to replace the Namazu Koban with the Stormsap.

Since exchange rate is 1 piece per piece, you can receive 3 pieces a day.

Desynthesis of Rabanastre equipment

It seems that Stormsap appears even by Desynthesis equipment available in Ravanasta.

Yellow scrip exchange equipment

Stormsap can be obtained even by Desynthesis equipment of IL 330 or more that can be exchanged in Yellow scrip.

Personally I have not tried the IL330, but I confirm that it appears from the ring of IL 350 to a crafter or a gatherer.

I think that you can think about whether to try this method from your Desynthesis class or level.

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