(Making Gil in FFXIV) Fire Shard

How to get

Available from primary “land and hand”

Western Thanalan
Eastern Thanalan
Middle La Noscea
Can be collected, etc.

The theme Make Gil from an item to get in the early stages.

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I’m sorry for those who are expected a variety of ways, but first will start from this Fire Shard.

To the making money, the level should be 60 and the best equipment.
But it is hard to become there.

So, this blog is not hard to make, do the way you can in your situation.
Recommend that you go up gradually level and equipment while earning.
Increase gradually possible way, we will earn more a lot.

So, it is the main content.
First I chose the Fire Shard there is a reason.
It is because it contains some important points in the process.

Items such as available at the beginning, but player that has reached Ishgard to need.
Simple and easy to get.
Not available in “Aetherial Reduction”.

First, if botanist or miner, can be collected.
However, the level cap was opened to 60, the number of use of several Shard is reduced.
In fact, the 50 level and later use a crystal or cluster, do not use the shards.

So, what is not worth?
But, it is often traded in the market.
There is a reason why.

One reason is that the Fire Shard is used to the item of high level.


Lv52 Highland Flour
Lv53 Fermented Butter
Lv59 Birch Syrup

These items are higher than Lv50, a high frequency of use even.
Besides use to the Recipe of Master or the material of airship.
And, although readily available, it is that you can not get many.

Aetherial Reduction is, crystal or cluster is available, shards are not available.
In other words, you go to pick up to get the shard, or must request to the retainer.
So, it will sell to the people who think that is cumbersome.

There are a lot of things that can earn in items of the past like this.
It is also important to go find it.