[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.2 Part 2

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with housing demand

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Various furniture items were added for patch 4.2, so I will pick it up.

This time is the second round.

Carbuncle Bathtub

Goldsmith Lv70☆☆ (Master Goldsmith VI)

Palladium Ingot × 2
Star Ruby × 2
Gold Ingot × 2
Marble × 5
Wind Shard × 10
Fire Shard × 9

It is a bathtub with a Carbuncle at your foot.

I think that it is more flashy because it has the name Carbuncle, which makes it unexpectedly simple.

However, the existing bathtub seemed to be for collective use, so there was never a simple bathtub like this one.

I think that it is suitable also for a private room.

Also, it is interesting that dyeing is possible.

Since you can change the color of the bathtub, you can change the color according to the interior.

Focusing on materials, I think there is nothing particularly difficult.

Counter Cart

Carpenter Lv70☆☆ (Master Goldsmith VI)

Torreya Lumber × 4
Oroshigane Ingot × 2
Bloodhempen Cloth × 2
Cobalt Joint Plate × 3
Wind Cluster × 2
Ice Cluster × 2

It is a counter with a truck that puts food and stuff products and etc feeling like those seen in overseas markets.

It is furniture so it is for indoor use.

I think that you can use various ways of using it depending on contrivance such as shop style layout.

Also, we can also dye it, you can change the color of the cloth part.

Material is not particularly difficult, it is comparatively easy to make.

Bread Basket

Culinarian Lv69

Gyr Abanian Flour × 5
Crescent Spring Water × 3
Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal × 1
Beet Sugar × 2
Fire Crystal × 5
Water Crystal × 5

It is just furniture that bread is in the basket.

It is a cooked product type, so you can eat it.

You can use it for the shop type layout together with the above-mentioned Counter Cart, and you can use it as it is as an interior.

In addition, although the image is taken at a pretty closeup, it is careful as it is small as well as other furniture of cooked type.

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