[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.2 Part 1

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with housing demand

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Due to the addition of land, housing demand can be expected.

Various furniture items were added for patch 4.2, so I will pick it up.

Odder Otter Lantern

Goldsmith Lv70☆☆ (Master Goldsmith VI)

Palladium Ingot × 3
Crystal Glass × 1
Tallow Candle × 2
Potter’s Clay × 6
Wind Cluster × 2
Fire Cluster × 2

Popular Odder Otter became lanterns.

It’s quite elaborate construction, and as it is on the table, it makes it easier to see the face from the minion.

Also, since it is a lantern, it can be switched on.

I think that it can be enjoyed by putting it in a favorite place such as an entrance and a bedside.

Looking at the ingredients of the recipe, I think there is nothing particularly difficult.

Potter’s Clay and Tallow Candle are sold in stores and Palladium Ingot is now comparatively low demand, so it should be relatively easy to make.

Futon Mattress

Housing Merchant etc.
5,000 Gil

At last the Futon Mattress was implemented.

Until now, there was only one of the bed type, even with the front patch only a Japanese style bed was added, but the Futon Mattress itself was finally added.

I think that it can be used according to a Japanese style room.

In addition, it is possible to Dye.

Since the items themselves are on sale, they are easy to obtain, and perhaps they can sell to players who do not notice that they sell stores.

Bomb Stove

Armorer Lv66

Chromite Ingot × 2
Cobalt Ingot × 2
Granite × 4
Bomb Ash × 4
Fire Cluster × 2
Earth Cluster × 2

It is a stove imitating Bomb.

There is smoke from the chimney.

I think that there is nothing particularly difficult as a recipe material.

As for the Palladium Ingot, demand is decreasing as well as the Chromite Ingot.

Although it is said that Bom’s shape, the back side is flat like this.

I think that this is easy to use for this, so you can use it by sticking it to the wall of the room.

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