[FFXIV making Gil] Marine products used for raid meals Doman Eel and Usuginu Octopus (patch 4.2)

Acquisition method


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Earn Gil with Raids Meals material

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New Raids Meals was added with patch 4.2.

Dzo Steak
Sauteed Green Leeks
Futo-maki Roll
Tofu Pancakes
Crimson Cider

Among them, some Meals use marine products. (Tako-yaki, Futo-maki Roll)

Since these can not be requested to the Fisher retainer, you can not get the material unless you go fishing by yourself.

Acquiring by fishing takes time, so there is the possibility of selling against troublesome players to collect materials.

That corresponding item is these two.

Doman Eel
Usuginu Octopus

You may be able to earn Gil by collecting these items.

Doman Eel

Location: Yanxia – Prism Canyon
Time: ET 17 – 10
Weather: None
Bait: midge larva, suspending minnow

– How to fish –

midge larva, or suspending minnow

↓(Powerful Hookset)

Doman Eel

The hit ratio is not so bad.

Basically, there is a demand for HQ items, so let’s try HQ items as much as possible.

Usuginu Octopus(need:folklore)

Location: The Ruby Sea – The Isle of Bekko
Time: None
Weather: None?
Bait: live shrimp, bream lure

– How to fish –

live shrimp, or bream lure

↓(Precision Hookset)

ruby shrimp

↓(Powerful Hookset)

Usuginu Octopus

The hit sound is big fish type sound.

However, fishing is pretty tough.

The hit ratio of the ruby shrimp itself is not very good, and there are several fish to hit after Mooch, so I can not fish easily.

You need a folklore to catch, and the status of the Fisher is required to some extent.

Perhaps it can be earned, but I think that it depends on how much demand for Tako-yaki that is recipe destination comes out.

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