FFXIV Stormblood Allagan Tomestone of Creation Replacement item list(patch 4.2)

In patch 4.2, Allagan Tomestone of Verity were abolished and the weekly restrictions on Allagan Tomestone of Creation were eliminated so that they could now be exchanged for various items with Allagan Tomestone of Creation.

You can replace the material of the previous equipment such as Doman Weave, but you can get the material of “shinshiki” of the current patch such as Thavnairian Cotton newly.

Therefore, I think that you can earn with Allagan Tomestone of Creation for a while.

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Allagan Tomestone of Creation Replacement item list

Rowena’s Token (Creation) 100
Thavnairian Abrasive 20
Thavnairian Abrasive HQ 50
Doman Weave 10
Doman Weave HQ 25
Thavnairian Cotton 20
Thavnairian Cotton HQ 50
Ground Sloth Pelt 20
Ground Sloth Pelt HQ 50
Thavnairian Resin 20
Thavnairian Resin HQ 50
Thavnairian Adhesive 20
Thavnairian Adhesive HQ 50
Thavnairian Alumen 20
Thavnairian Alumen HQ 50
Scarlet Urushi 10
Scarlet Urushi HQ 25
Domacoat 10
Domacoat HQ 25
Bone Charcoal 10
Bone Charcoal HQ 25
Forbidden Wax 10
Forbidden Wax HQ 25
Impact Orchestrion Roll 1,600
Westward Tide Orchestrion Roll 1,600
He Rises Above Orchestrion Roll 1,600
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