[FFXIV making Gil] Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil (patch 4.15)

Acquisition method

Collect from Unspoiled Nodes etc.

This theme

Earn by cultivation

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When using Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil in the Garden Patch, you can increase the amount of crops grown.

Cloudsbreath is originally only able to obtain one, but since you can get 2 pieces using Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil, it is required to get more even a little.

Cloudsbreath is a material for Flying Chair, so Cloudsbreath itself is also popular.

Therefore, it will be possible to earn even Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil which increases the harvest volume.

where to obtain

Miner Lv 50☆

Location: South Shroud
Time: ET 6 –
Slot: 8

Like the Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil, the Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil has the LIMIT attribute, so the skill of raising the amount does not work so it is not efficient to go take it yourself.

I think that it is better to collect fundamentally by asking Miner retainers.

Also as with Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil, there are replacement items here as well.

You can replace Unidentifiable Shell and Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil with Idyllshire.

The Unidentifiable Shell has the following sources.

Precision Gordian Lens ×3 (Alexander – The Cuff of the Father)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics ×150
Vanu Whitebone ×6 (Vanu Vanu Daily Quests)
Rainbowtide Psashp ×3 (Sahagin Daily Quests)
Black Copper Gil ×6 (Vath Daily Quests)
Carved Kupo Nut ×18 (Moogle Daily Quests)
Timeworn Wyvernskin Map

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