[FFXIV making Gil] Max-Potion (patch 4.15)

Acquisition method

To make with a crafter, etc.

This theme

Earn Gil with Rival Wings

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The Rival Wings “Astragalos” has become popular content.

Therefore, the demand for Max-Potion that can be used with Astragalos is increasing.

Unlike past PvP contents, Astragalos often works with solo, so there are cases where there are no Healer around.

In such a case you can make use of Max-Potion to survive even a little.

It seems that demand will continue for a while for now, so consider making Gil with a potion.

where to obtain

Maxi potion will be dropped by “The Palace of the Dead” or ID of the Stormblood.

The Palace of the Dead is the most efficient if it’s only battle.

HQ items will be dropped, and if you choose 51F ~, you can start from the hierarchy where Max-Potion drops as it is.

I think that it will be a good measure for leveling.

Moreover, it can be mass-produced if it is manufactured.

– Max-Potion ×3 –

Alchemist Lv 60

Royal Mistletoe × 1
Gem Marimo × 1
Coneflower × 1
Cow Bitter × 1
Filtered Water × 1
Water Crystal × 6
Lightning Crystal × 5

Let’s see where to get each material.

Royal Mistletoe

the Diadem or Red Gatherers’ Scrip × 10

I think that the best efficiency is collected in the Diadem.

Because you can get from the usual place, you do not have to bother to replace with a Gatherers’ Scrip.

However, I think that Diadem probably can not participate in the current situation first, so there is no way to go with FC airship.

Gem Marimo

the Diadem or Red Gatherers’ Scrip × 10

Gem Marimo is also available in the Diadem.

However, efficiency is not so good because it is obtained by fishing, and I think that it would be better to replace it with Red Gatherers’ Scrip.


Botanist or Botanist retainer

Upper-Dravania (11, 32)

If you ask the retainer, you will get 30 pieces.

Cow Bitter

Botanist or Botanist retainer

Lower-Dravania (13, 19)

If you ask the retainer, you will get 30 pieces.

Filtered Water

Company Seals or part of Lv50 ID

I think the exchange with Company Seals is the most efficient.

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