[Fishing with ffxiv] Navigator’s Brand

Is there still Nushi …

Now it’s time to fish. (ง ´・ω・`)ว

NO. 9 Navigator’s Brand

Location: Western La Noscea – The Brewer’s Beacon
Time: ET 9 – 14
Weather: Clear Skies or Fair Skies
Bait: yumizuno

How to fish


Navigator’s Brand

Pharos Sirius can be seen around here and there is a taste.

Is it something good to see a part of the dungeon from the field?

Well, this Nushi has been fished before so it is not so difficult.

There are conditions of both weather and time, but it is sunny and there is not much to worry about.

It took me 3 hours ET to catch.

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.

( ゚д゚) Fine Sand !

Today is here.

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