[Fishing with ffxiv] Oschon’s Print

Six consecutive defeats … It is time to doubt that conditions are wrong soon.

Now it’s time to fish. (ง ´・ω・`)ว

NO. 8 Oschon’s Print

Location: Lower La Noscea – Moraby Bay
Time: None
Weather: None
Bait: goby ball

How to fish

goby ball

Oschon’s Print

It is a type of fish that you can catch anytime if the Bait match.

There is a possibility that the hit rate can be low because it can catch anytime, but in the case of this big fish it is not so difficult, because difficulty is not high.

Since it only has to react to the sound, it is chilling fishing time.

I thank you for coming earlier than I expected.

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.

(ง ´・ω・`)ว (ว ´・ω・`)ง (ง ´・ω・`)ว

Today is here.

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