[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.1 Part 5

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with housing demand

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This article introduce items that are relatively demanded from the furniture added with patch 4.1.

This time is the 5th stage.

Hingan Chochin Lantern

Carpenter Lv61

Beech Lumber × 1
Cedar Lumber × 2
Potash × 2
Tallow Candle × 1
Wind Shard × 7
Ice Shard × 6

It is a wall-mounted furniture.

The blurred light is a feature item.

By the way it is like this when it gets dark.

There are no switches, so it’s always shining items, but I think it’s not a distraction as it glows lightly.

Kimono Hanger

Weaver Lv69

Twinsilk × 2
Ruby Cotton Cloth × 1
Bloodhempen Cloth × 1
Ancient Lumber × 1
Rose Gold Nugget × 2
Lightning Crystal × 5
Wind Crystal × 5

It is a furniture to hang kimono.

Since there was no furniture to stand such cloths up to now, it is an item that can produce a considerable sense of life.

The material is a little cloth-based, but it’s a little troublesome but basically it’s simple.

Hingan Interior Wall

Weaver Lv63

Kudzu Cloth × 4
Ruby Cotton Yarn × 3
Mortar × 3
Lightning Crystal × 4
Wind Crystal × 3

It is the inner wall of a color often seen in Japanese rooms.

It is also the initial inner wall of the Shirogane’s Apartments.

Because it became possible to put multiple inner walls by Blank Hingan Partition, there are more uses such as partly creating Japanese rooms.

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