[FFXIV making Gil] Cloudsbreath Seeds (patch 4.11)

Acquisition method

intercross of garden etc.

This theme

Earn with the material of the mount

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Cloudsbreath Seeds is a new growing seed added in patch 4.1.

By cultivating this seed, you can obtain the Cloudsbreath of the material of the Flying Chair which is the mount.

Flying Chair

Alchemist Lv 70 ☆☆ (currently a Specialist dedicated recipe)

Cloudsbreath × 8
Riviera Armchair × 1
Water Cluster × 30
Lightning Cluster x 30

It is the first mount available in production, and the price is rising so the material takes time to prepare.

So, let’s consider earning with Cloudsbreath Seeds and Cloudsbreath.

Exploratory Voyages

You can bring Cloudsbreath Seeds from the specific sea of clouds with Exploratory Voyages.

However, it is not necessarily required to use an Exploratory Voyages, so it is not necessary to use this method by force.

It will take several days until the airship boat comes back, so if it takes days to do the same, it means that the intercross that can be obtained almost certainly are better.


The Cloudsbreath Seeds can also be obtained by intercrossing.

Dzemael Tomato Seeds and Coerthan Tea Seeds

Both of these items already existed, so I think that it was added as a rare intercross in Patch 4.1.

The soil uses the Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil.

Although the intercrossing rate is not 100%, it can not be obtained reliably, but I think that we can obtain about 6 to 7 Cloudsbreath Seeds by planting 8 pieces.

If it is intercrossed, you can do it at a private house and you can do it every day, so you can do it in parallel with other measures.

Where to get the items for intercrossing

Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil

Miner Lv 50 ☆

Western Thanalan
ET 5-
8th Slot

Dzemael Tomato Seeds

Botanist Lv 50 ☆

Eastern La Noscea
ET 13-
1th Slot

Coerthan Tea Seeds

Botanist Lv 53

ET10- , 22-
3th Slot

However, I think these are easier to collect if you ask the retainer.


I think that it is also ant to earn up raising Cloudsbreath itself. (Please check the price of the market before doing it)

If Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil, the number of harvest will be 2 so be sure to use it.

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