[Fishing with ffxiv] the Green Jester

Gil decreases at the Teleport …

Now it’s time to fish (ง ´・ω・`)ว

NO. 7 the Green Jester

Location: Central Shroud – Hopeseed Pond
Time: ET 18 – 21
Weather: None
Bait: honey worm

How to fish

honey worm

the Green Jester

… Here? really?

There are lots of big Morbol somewhere.

It is not a case to say. It’s a short time.

It is a game against time because there is only ET 3 hours.

But I got it earlier than I expected and was saved.

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.

I came! Allagan Gold Piece!

Let’s use it for the price of Teleport.

Today is here.

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