[Fishing with ffxiv] Zalera

This is a fish that I caught before quitting fishing.

Now it’s time to fish

NO. 5 Zalera

Location: Middle La Noscea – Zephyr Drift
Time: ET 9 – 14
Weather: None
Bait: rat tail

How to fish

rat tail


I can not see anything in the fog!!

Incidentally, this time happened to be fog, the weather is not related to zalera.

zalera is the type to fish directly, just wait patiently until it hits.

I could catch this baby earlier, but … There are also some big fish that are challenging in parallel.

I already have about five consecutive defeats …

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.

This big fish has Paralyzing Potion, but this time it does not come out.

Today is here.

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