[Fishing with ffxiv] Junkmonger

I adhere to the scenery when fishing.

Now it’s time to fish. (ง ´・ω・`)ว

NO. 3 Junkmonger

Location: Western La Noscea – Skull Valley
Time: ET 16 – 2
Weather: None
Bait: Merlthor goby (Mooch), wahoo (Mooch)

How to fish

pill bug

Merlthor goby HQ (Precision) → (Mooch) junkmonger (Powerful)

↓ (Mooch)

wahoo HQ (Powerful)

↓ (swim)

junkmonger (Powerful)

Sometimes I can fish directly from Merlthor goby, but the basics is to go to wahoo.

I think the hit ratio is not too bad.

It was easy this time because it hit with wahoo for the first time.

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.


It is usual.

Today is here.

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