[Fishing with ffxiv] Octomammoth

From today I will post articles on hobbies other than the main articles.

That’s why … It’s time for fishing (ง ´・ω・`)ว

Of course, it is whole body AF2. It is natural.

It is going to call it a fishing diary, but as for fishing, it is still a big fish.

NO. 1 Octomammoth

Location: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks
Time: ET 9 – 17
Weather: None
Bait: Merlthor goby (Mooch), harbor herring (Mooch)

How to fish


Merlthor goby HQ (Powerful), harbor herring HQ (Precision)

↓ (Mooch)

octomammoth (Powerful)

The degree of difficulty is not high.

Although there is time designation, the hit ratio is high and Mooching can be done once.

I think that it is very good as an entrance to a big fish.

Despite saying that, it’s time to spare time.

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.

The octomammoth is a type of heat-resistant equipment out there.

I gave a brilliant offer to Malo Blue Summer Maro.

Today is here.

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