[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.1 Part 3

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with housing demand

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This article introduce items that are relatively demanded from the furniture added with patch 4.1.

This time is the third round.

Imitation Stained Crystal Ornament

Goldsmith Lv70☆☆ (Specialist only recipe)

Palladium Ingot × 3
Marble × 5
Crystal Glass × 5
Wind Cluster × 3
Fire Cluster × 3

It is a window that can be installed on the Wall-mounted.

Light is inserted from the window, and a pattern is reflected on the floor.

Many players aim to become a mysterious housing by installing multiple.

By the way, it is a condition to insert light into the window, but it does not shine at night.

Then it seems that the timing of lighting in direction and time seems to have been decided, as it is not necessarily light in daytime.

I think that it is better to check around when setting up.

Bamboo Flowerpot

Carpenter Lv69

Zelkova Lumber × 2
Bamboo Stick × 4
Cut Stone × 3
Potting Soil × 3
Wind Shard × 8
Ice Shard × 8

It is a so-called foliage plant.

It is huge ….

However, it is precious furniture that you can place bamboo groves in the room, so I think there is demand.

Bamboo Stick is relatively difficult to collect among materials.

Paper Partition

Carpenter Lv69

Zelkova Lumber × 4
Dark Chestnut Lumber × 4
Rose Gold Nugget × 3
Potash × 1
Varnish × 2
Wind Shard × 8
Ice Shard × 8

Originally there was an item called Oriental Partition, but it is a Shoji version of it.

If it approaches, it opens automatically in this way.

Unlike Paper Partition, it is a production item, so there seems to be some demand.

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