[FFXIV making Gil] Ivory Sole (patch 4.11)

Acquisition method

Collect in Spearfishing

This theme

Earn Gil with Persimmon Leaf Sushi’s material

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The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) is exciting.

There is Persimmon Leaf Sushi as Meals for such Raids.

Critical Hit Rate is greatly increased so it is Meals suitable for Bard and others.

Actually, recently this item came in the turn.

The status of Persimmon Leaf Sushi is as follows.

Critical Hit +5% (Max 82)
Vitality +5% (Max 77)
Direct Hit Rate +2% (Max 32)

In this way it seems that the Critical Hit is going to rise 82, but in reality it is not.

Since the upper limit is only raised to 5%, in order to rise 82, the Critical Hit was 1640 necessary.

When IL was low, it was impossible to satisfy this status itself, so it was not possible to fully draw out the power of Persimmon Leaf Sushi.

However, it is not amusing that the Critical Hit will exceed 1640 if equipped with current equipment.

Now that you can draw out the ability of Persimmon Leaf Sushi, there is demand.

Let’s make Gil with persimmon leaf sushi, but this time we will focus on the material Ivory Sole.

Is there a possibility that you can earn if Ivory Sole delicately low probability of obtaining.

I think that it can be used as one of the Fisher’s policies because it is made to be able to take it to some extent efficiently.

Location / method

Location: The Lochs – Loch Seld Southeastern Lakebed (around 26, 27)
Time: None
Spearfishing: Normal

It seems there is no specification of the weather / time, but the probability of obtaining is subtly low.

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