[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.1 Part 1

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Many housing items were added in patch 4.1.

Especially because it is mainly based on Japanese style furniture, I think that it will suit this Shirogane.

I will pick up what I care about from being added.

Hingan Bed

Carpenter Lv63

Pine Lumber ×6
Rush Grass ×2
Undyed Woolen Cloth ×3
Rose Gold Nugget ×2
Wind Crystal ×4
Ice Crystal ×3

Until now, the bed was only Western style or special, but finally the one with Japanese style was added.

There is nothing particularly difficult for the whole material, but I think that it is difficult to get a little Rush Grass a bit.

After checking the price of the market, if you feel it is expensive to raise Voidrake and exchange it is also good.

Hingan Hanging Bonbori Lamp

Goldsmith Lv61

Koppranickel Nugget x 4
Tallow Candle × 5
Clear Glass Lens × 5
Wind Crystal × 3
Fire Crystal × 2

It is Japanese style ceiling lighting.

Because all the materials other than Koppranickel Nugget are selling stores, I think that production is easy.

Hingan Sofa

Weaver Lv66

Bloodhempen Cloth × 5
Ramie Cloth x 2
Crawler Silk × 4
Chimera Mane × 5
Lightning Crystal × 5
Wind Crystal × 4

It is also located in the lobby of the Shirogane’s Apartment.

The size is also pretty large.

There are a lot of materials, but there is nothing particularly difficult.

By the way, this furniture is Dyeing.

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