[FFXIV making Gil] Gyr Abanian Alchemic (patch 4.1)

Acquisition method

Replace with 250 Yellow Crafters’ Scrip

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Earn with new materials

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Gyr Abanian Alchemic is a new item added in patch 4.1.

This item is two important materials.

Ala Mhigan Fiber

Alchemist 70☆☆

Gyr Abanian Alchemic ×1
Gyr Abanian Spring Water ×3
Azim Cotton Boll ×3

Snailfish Oil

Alchemist 70☆☆

Gyr Abanian Alchemic ×1
Snailfish ×1
Everbright Aethersand ×1
Everborn Aethersand ×1
Everdeep Aethersand ×1

Due to the fact that both Ala Mhigan Fiber and Snailfish Oil are materials for new Gazakura equipment, demand is rising.


There are two reasons why this item is likely to earn.

First of all it is consumption of Ala Mhigan Fiber and Snailfish Oil.

For example, if you try to arrange a set of equipment you will need the following amount.

Crafter Armor set Ala Mhigan Fiber 11 pieces
Gatherer Armor set Ala Mhigan Fiber 11 pieces
Crafter Primary Tool set Snailfish Oil 24 pieces
Gatherer Primary Tool set Snailfish Oil 9 pieces

In other words, we need at least 55 Gyr Abanian Alchemics.

Moreover, the difficulty level of this new recipe is quite high.

Since it is not always possible to make HQ, more than this may be necessary.

And another reason that it is likely to be earned is that exchange is hard.

It takes a lot of time to get it, so it may be possible to earn with this item.

Acquisition method

Currently there are two ways to obtain Yellow Crafters’ Scrip.

Custom Deliveries

Available from both Zhloe Aiapoh and M’naago. (The total number of deliveries is also 12)

I think that both can get Scrip at the stage of Lv 70.

Collectables item list

Another way is to deliver the collectable item that have been designated as before.

Basically, it aims to deliver items that are easy to make while stepping on bonuses.

Finally, let’s summarize the features of each class.


Basic materials are available in Gatherer, making it easier to prepare materials.

Since the consumption of Wind Crystals is large, it is important to secure Crystals.


The basic materials are available in Gatherer, but some materials are difficult to collect, so it depends on the lineup.


Materials are mixed with leather and Worsted Yarn-related materials, so it is difficult to prepare materials as compared with others.


Many use unspoiled materials, mass production is difficult.


Because many materials are obtained by battle, securing material is difficult.


There are many required materials and materials themselves are difficult to gather and it is difficult to make.

I think that efficiency is not very good.


Basically it will target Grimoire type, preparation of material is tough as it is.


It is easy to make because the basic material can be covered with Gather, but the amount of Yellow Crafters’ Scrip obtained is small correspondingly.

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