[FFXIV making Gil] Mastercraft Demimateria (patch 4.1)

Acquisition method

Desynthesis corresponding equipment

This theme

Earn with Desynthesis

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The opportunity to earn with Mastercraft Demimateria has returned after a long time.

It is used as a material for the Primary Tool for new land and hand equipment.

Ala Mhigan Saw
Ala Mhigan Cross-pein Hammer
Ala Mhigan Raising Hammer
Ala Mhigan Lapidary Hammer
Ala Mhigan Round Knife
Ala Mhigan Needle
Ala Mhigan Alembic
Ala Mhigan Frypan
Ala Mhigan Pickaxe
Ala Mhigan Hatchet
Ala Mhigan Fishing Rod

It is the theme of this time whether you can earn with the Mastercraft Demimateria against the player who wants to prepare land and hand equipment.

Acquisition method

Mastercraft Demimateria can be obtained by Desynthesis for land and hand equipment.

However, items that appear are quite limited, so you can not get it even if you Desynthesising ordinary equipment.

The available equipment is probably as follows. (Class name can be Desynthesis class)

– Carpenter –

Forager’s Fishing Rod
Artisan’s Pattens

– Blacksmith –

Artisan’s Chocobotail Saw
Artisan’s Cross-pein Hammer
Artisan’s Raising Hammer
Artisan’s Mallet
Artisan’s Round Knife
Forager’s Dolabra
Forager’s Hatchet

– Armorer –

Artisan’s Alembic
Artisan’s Frypan

– Goldsmith –

Artisan’s Needle
Artisan’s Spectacles

– Leatherworker –

Artisan’s Fingerstalls

– Weaver –

Forager’s Hat
Artisan’s Gown
Artisan’s Chausses

In addition to the above, there are equipments where Mastercraft Demimateria appears but I excluded them because it is difficult to prepare materials.

Company Seals

So, how to obtain the equipment itself.

All of these are obtainable in exchange.

First of all it is Company Seals.

Second Lieutenant
Item Required Seals
Artisan’s Chocobotail Saw 7,500
Artisan’s Cross-pein Hammer 7,500
Artisan’s Raising Hammer 7,500
Artisan’s Mallet 7,500
Artisan’s Round Knife 7,500
Artisan’s Needle 7,500
Artisan’s Alembic 7,500
Artisan’s Frypan 7,500
Forager’s Dolabra 7,500
Forager’s Hatchet 7,500
Forager’s Fishing Rod 7,500
Forager’s Hat 5,000
Artisan’s Spectacles 5,000
Artisan’s Fingerstalls 5,000
Artisan’s Chausses 5,000
Artisan’s Gown 6,500
Artisan’s Pattens 5,000

I think that it is intentional rather than coincidence, but all corresponding equipment is exchangeable with Company seals.

Since it can be Desynthesised in classes other than Alchemist and Culinarian, I think that you should exchange it with the equipment of the corresponding Desynthesis class.

Exchange items

Another way of exchanging is to pass the specified item to the NPC Talan in Mor Dhona.

Item Required Item
Artisan’s Chocobotail Saw Spruce Plywood HQ ×2
Artisan’s Cross-pein Hammer Darksteel Hook HQ ×2
Artisan’s Raising Hammer Darksteel Wire HQ ×2
Artisan’s Mallet Rose Gold Cog HQ ×2
Artisan’s Round Knife Gryphonskin Strap HQ ×2
Artisan’s Needle Silver Brocade HQ ×2
Artisan’s Alembic Spirits of Salt HQ ×5
Artisan’s Frypan Spicy Tomato Relish HQ ×2
Forager’s Dolabra Umbral Rock HQ ×20
Forager’s Hatchet Fragrant Log HQ ×20
Forager’s Fishing Rod Silver Sovereign HQ ×6
Forager’s Hat Umbral Rock HQ ×10
Fragrant Log HQ ×10
Silver Sovereign HQ ×3

Artisan’s Spectacles
Artisan’s Fingerstalls
Artisan’s Chausses
Artisan’s Gown
Artisan’s Pattens

The above equipment can be interchanged with one of the following

Class Required Item
Carpenter Spruce Plywood HQ ×1
Blacksmith Darksteel Hook HQ ×1
Armorer Darksteel Wire HQ ×1
Goldsmith Rose Gold Cog HQ ×1
Leatherworker Gryphonskin Strap HQ ×1
Weaver Silver Brocade HQ ×1
Alchemist Spirits of Salt HQ ×2
Culinarian Spicy Tomato Relish HQ ×2

I think that you can exchange items with easy-to-prepare items while checking classes you can Desynthesis.

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