[FFXIV making Gil] Snailfish (patch 4.1)

Acquisition method

Collect in Spearfishing

This theme

Earn with materials used for new land and hand equipment

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A number of new land and hand equipments were added with patch 4.1.

A new item is used for some of the materials of the equipment, and Snailfish is one of them.

Snailfish Oil

Alchemist Lv70☆☆

Progress 6377
Quality 28506
Durability 70

Gyr Abanian Alchemic ×1
Snailfish ×1
Everbright Aethersand ×1
Everborn Aethersand ×1
Everdeep Aethersand ×1
Water Cluster ×2
Lightning Cluster ×2

Since Snailfish Oil is used as a material for the new Primary Tool for land and hand, I think that demand will continue for a while.

How to obtain Snailfish

– Ichimonji –

Location: The Ruby Sea – The Kobayashi Maru
Weather: None
Time: ET 2-12
Bait: Large

First of all it is necessary to take Ichimonji in order to make Undiscovered Fishing Hole.

And if you take about 10 Ichimonji, Undiscovered Fishing Hole will appear.

– Snailfish –

Location: The Ruby Sea – Undiscovered Fishing Hole
Bait: Normal

If it is Normal, you can almost get it.

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