Yellow Crafters’ Scrip and Yellow Gatherers’ Scrip Exchange Item List (Patch 4.1 Version)

A new item has been added to Yellow Scrip in Patch 4.1.

It is mainly made of new cooked goods and new land and hand equipment.

Since all of this new recipe has become a Specialist dedicated recipe, there is a possibility to earn even materials.

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Patch 4.1 Yellow Scrip exchange item list


– Equipment –

* The following collected items are required to exchange equipment

All Collectability Rating 625 or more is necessary

Carpenter – Zelkova Lumber
Blacksmith – Molybdenum Ingot
Armorer – Molybdenum Ingot
Goldsmith – Imperial Jade
Leatherworker – Gazelle Leather
Weaver – Twinsilk
Alchemist – Enchanted Palladium Ink
Culinarian – Onigara-yaki

Armor Required number
Primary Tool 1,300
Head 400
Body 900
Hands 400
Legs 350
Feet 350

– Material –

Name Required number
Koshu Pork 15
Tea Brick 15
Crimson Pepper 15
Secret Recipe Broth 15
Gyr Abanian Alchemic 250


-The following Collectable Items are required for replacing the equipment-

The necessary Collectable values are as follows

Miner – Molybdenum Ore 450 or more
Botanist – Zelkova Log 450 or more
Fisher – Ala Mhigan Ribbon 41 or more

Armor Required number
Primary Tool 1,300
Head 600
Body 900
Hands 500
Legs 350
Feet 350

-Fishing Tackle-

Name Required number
Blue Bobbit 5
Stonefly Larva 5
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