FFXIV Stormblood new items that can be earned 2(patch 4.0)

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I summarize items that are likely to be earned among new items that appeared in Stormblood.

This time is the second round.

Raw Triphane

– How to get –

Miner Lv 60☆☆
ET:2-, 14-
Zone:The Fringes
Position:25, 9

It is an item that can be taken in The Fringes.

Since it is Unspoiled, there are few supplies, some players collect them as Miners’ leveling as Collectable Items, so it seems that they are not on the market than they thought.

After raising the level of the Miner, I think that you should use Raw Triphane as a make Gil rather than leveling.

Moth Scales

– How to get –

The Fringes(15,8)
The suppression of Fluturini

This item is used as a recipe for Alchemist such as Growth Formula Eta, Enchanted Koppranickel Ink, so it is an item that the player wanting to leveling Alchemist wants.

Moreover, these materials are also included in recipes of other Crafters, so there is demand other than leveling.

Since it is a drop from the monster, it is difficult to collect, so you can earn it using it.

You can also request a fighter retainer Lv 62.

Ruby Cotton Boll

– How to get –

Botanist Lv63
The Ruby Sea(27,22)

Since this item can be collected underwater, it can only be acquired by players who advanced the story to a certain extent.

In addition, there is demand for this because it is used not only for Weaver but also for many recipes as well as Ruby Cotton Yarn (Ruby Cotton Cloth) that can be made from this Ruby Cotton Boll.

In addition, Cottonseed Oil that can be made from Ruby Cotton Boll is a Culinarian’s item, so it is a material I want as well as a Culinarian.

You can request even Botanist Retainer Lv 63.

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