FFXIV Stormblood new items that can be earned 1(patch 4.0)

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A lot of new items were added in the Stormblood.

Everything has demand, but I tried collecting items of attention among them.

Beech Log

– How to get –

Botanist Lv 61
The Peaks (10,16)

The Beech Lumber that can be made from beach wood is the object of the Carpenter Tradecraft, so it is an item that the player leveling the Carpenter to want.

If it is possible to produce, it is good to make Beech Lumber HQ and to exhibit it.

Also, Beech Log can be requested by Botanist retainer Lv 61, so if you increase the level of the retainer it will be easier to collect.

Koppranickel Sand

– How to get –

Miner Lv 61
The Peaks (25,13)

There is a demand because there is High Steel Nugget that makes this Koppranickel Sand as a material in the Blacksmith Tradecraft.

Moreover, since the Koppranickel Sand is also the material of the Koppranickel Nugget made by the Goldsmith, I think that it is a high usage item.

This item is also gathered at Miner retainer Lv 61.

Gagana Skin

– How to get –

The Fringes (25,13)
Reducing Lesser Gagana

The Gagana Skin is dropped by defeating the Lesser Gagana.

It is a material of Gagana Leather, and this leather is also necessary for Leatherworker Tradecraft, so there is demand.

Moreover, it is difficult to collect because it is a drop from the monster.

Since you can request by Fighter retainer Lv 62, it should be easier if you raise the level of the retainer.

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