[FFXIV making Gil] Efficient method of collecting Crystals Part 2(with video)

How to obtain

Perform Aetherial Reduction

Theme of this time

Collect Crystals efficiently

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It is the continuation of the previous video.

About appearing items

Radiant Astral Moraine and Lover’s Laurel are items to change that appear depending on the purity.

Crystal only with purity 1-2.

Clusters will appear with purity 3 to 4.

Light-kissed Aethersand comes to appear from purity 5.

Therefore, we aim at purity 3 to 4 where Aethersand does not appear.

About the amount of crystal obtained

There is still reason to aim at purity 3 to 4.

The higher the purity of these two items, the more the tendency is to obtain more.

It seems that the amount of crystals is higher in purity 5 than in purity 4, but purity 5 should be used at least GP 400 or more.

If the purity is 3 to 4, you can reach without using GP at all, and you can obtain 2 pieces using Single Mind.

Therefore, if you aim for purity 3 to 4 you can keep collecting for a long time.

Also, if it is wasteful to keep the GP, I think that you can collect Light-kissed Aethersand aiming at purity 8.