[FFXIV making Gil] Efficient method of collecting Crystals Part 1(with video)

How to obtain

Perform Aetherial Reduction

Theme of this time

Collect Crystals efficiently

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It is the second video.

Video link https://youtu.be/Qps2Kw2k-mQ

This article supplements the video.

About re-lottery

In the video it is accessing 2 places out of 3 places, but I will explain the neighborhood in more detail.

In the Ishgard area, there are three patterns of two sets, and a total of six sites are prepared.

Assuming that this is divided into groups A, B, and C, the Ephemeral Nodes is re-lottery by accessing the collection place in each group of A and B among them.

Because there are places corresponding to each place of each Ephemeral Nodes, it is re-lottery by accessing there.

There is no need to collect it, so just turn around the shortest route is fine.

about skill

When aiming at Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning Crystal, Methodical Appraisal 1 time is enough, so you do not have to worry about skill especially.

However, when collecting items of Lv 60, I think that it is better to increase the amount of acquisition using the Single Mind beforehand or be sure to obtain it using skills.

About the amount to obtain

I got 2 sets of Clary Sage so I got quite a few Crystals.

Whether HIDDEN items appear or not is random, so the amount of acquisition will go up and down.

Even so, I think that you can get at least 1000 Crystals at least as long as it is appearing.

Also, depending on the location, you can also turn around in a shorter time, so I think that the amount to obtain will change.