[FFXIV making Gil] How to find items to earn from the market(with video)


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Master the market

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This time is the first article with video.

Video link https://youtu.be/VGE1hYt2aaw

As detailed information on watching the video, I will supplement this article.

Wish List

In the video, I will introduce you to target items on the Wish List, but there are items to note in various ways.

For example, it is a kind of Materia.

This is not registered for frequent use.

I think that there are many cases that I register from the idea that I will purchase as soon as it becomes cheap.

In the case of materials, even if it is a bit high, there are times when you want to make it right now, so you can sell it even now.

Items like Materia may not sell very well unless it is the lowest price.

I think that it is good to list various things and try it.

Also, this wish list will be reset at every maintenance.

Since this method can not be used immediately after maintenance, I think it ‘s good to look it up before maintenance.

transaction Recent History

To see the item’s sales, it is best to examine this Recent History.

Here is another case to watch out, it is the case that one player bought a lot.

In this case only I do not know whether there really is a demand for that item.

Since the personal circumstances are reflected largely, I do not know if there really is demand for that item.

Therefore, if such a History is left, I think that it is good to look at the state a bit.

Next video

Well, what would you like to do with the next video?

There seems to be many subjects.

After all I want to make it meaningful to make it a video, so I will think about it again for a moment.

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