(Making Gil in FFXIV) Materia available for Beast tribe quests (patch version 3.5)

How to obtain

Perform Beast tribe quests

Theme of this time

Rewrote past articles according to patch 3.5

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I am planning to organize the Gil policy toward the next expansion from now.

I am going to rewrite the past articles in various ways.

-Past articles-


This time, about Materia IV that can be obtained by Beast tribe quests.

There is no big change in patch 3.5, but the patch 3.4 added a method of exchanging with Materia I, II, III for land and hand.

First of all, I will check the specification of Beast tribe quests again.

>Clearing Beast tribe quests in each area increases friendship and allows you to receive top quests

>Because quests are daily, you can order on a daily basis

>You can order up to three pieces per NPC

>Total number of Beast tribe quests that can be received per day is 12

>If you have more than one NPC you can order, you can also order multiple same Beast tribe quests

>Only the highest level of each Barbarian quest is available for Materia IV

In other words, if you do not do Beast tribe quests at all, you can not get Materia IV immediately, you need to increase friendship to a certain extent.

How to obtain

Materia IV for battle

Clear each top level quest of Amalj’aa, Kobold, Sahagin, Sylph

Materia IV for land and hand

Clear top level quest of Ixali’s

Materia I, II, III for land and hand

Exchange with Ixali Oaknot

*** is the name for land and hand

Name Amount Required number
*** Materia I 5 1
*** Materia II 3 1
*** Materia III 1 1

Materia IV is included in each quest reward, so choose anything from them.

If you do every quest every day you can get up to 12 Materia IV.

In addition, clearing the Beast tribe quests of Ixali can obtain Ixali Oaknot.

These Ixali Oaknot can be exchanged for Materia I, II, III for land and hand.

important point

Materia IV for battle

Recently Materia V has become easier to obtain, so the price is lower than before.

However, as there is still a lot of timing for updating equipment such as Shire equipment, I think that it is a merchandisable material that can be earned still more.

However, there are problems in the future.

Especially the next patch is an expanded version, so the environment changes greatly.

There is a possibility that more powerful things may be implemented than Materia V, so I do not know how much Materia IV will be used in the future.

It is necessary for each individual to judge whether to save or sell.

Materia IV for land and hand

Although it is harder to obtain than Materia for battle, the demand for Materia IV for land and hand is decreasing.

I think that demand will continue until at least before expanded version, but I do not know what will happen depending on the environment after expansion.

It is personal judgment whether to sell it here also.

Materia I, II, III for land and hand

Depending on how to Advanced Materia Melding the Garlond equipment.

I think that it will be a little earnings.