(Making Gil in FFXIV) Unspoiled Node of Mor Dhona

How to get

East of Mor Dhona


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The theme

Earn with items that can be reliably obtained

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Unspoiled Node occurs to the east of Mor Dhona, but there are some special points compared with other Nodes.

High occurrence frequency

Unspoiled Node is usually once or twice a day, but in Mor Dhona it happens six times a day.

Morning is Botanist, afternoon is Miner.

Because there are many occurrences, you can collect many items.

Items can be obtained at all slots

In Mor Dhona, items are available in all 8 stages.

1-slot Grade 4 Carbonized Matter
2-slot Lightning Cluster
3-slot Fire Cluster
4-slot Wind Cluster
5-slot Water Cluster
6-slot Ice Cluster
7-slot Earth Cluster
8-slot Unaspected Crystal or Dark Matter Cluster

Because various items are available, you can keep gathering by sticking for a long time.

Items that can be earned

Grade 4 Carbonized Matter

Grade 4 Carbonized Matter is an item necessary Melding Materia IV.

Materia IV is used as the main force when Advanced Materia Melding, so the demand is great.

Water Cluster

Although there are demand for any of the Clusters, only the Water Cluster is traded at a high price compared with other clusters.

There are several reasons.

Other Clusters can be acquired relatively easily by Aetherial Reduction, but only water Clusters are hard to obtain with Aetherial Reduction.

Besides, although it is hard to get even it is simple, in the current patch there are many turns to use Water Cluster.

Meals and Supramax-Potion, various Grade 3 Dissolvent.

Since patch 3.4 implements new Raids, these are often used.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining and the high demand, the price is rising.

Compared with Aetherial Reduction, the number of acquisitions will decrease, but you can get it reliably.

There is also an advantage that it can be obtained even at a level that can not Aetherial Reduction.

By the way, I think that the best Water Cluster can be obtained by Aetherial Reduction of Light-kissed Aethersand.

Dark Matter Cluster

Dark Matter Cluster is the material of Airship Repair Materials.

This is available in various places, but there is only a place here to be surely obtained.

However, not only Dark Matter Cluster but also Unaspected Crystal may be available in the 8th slot of Mor Dhona.

There is not much demand for an Unaspected Crystal.

However, as this game tends to increase recipes that use old items, it may be used for something else.

Let’s gather the items you need in Mor Dhona.