(Making Gil in FFXIV) Light Seed

How to get

[Firelight Seeds]

Botanist Mowing Lv15
Middle La Noscea

[Icelight Seeds]

Botanist Mowing Lv15
Western La Noscea

[Windlight Seeds]

Botanist Mowing Lv15
Central Shroud

[Earthlight Seeds]

Botanist Mowing Lv15
Lower La Noscea
Moraby Bay

[Levinlight Seeds]

Botanist Mowing Lv15
Central Thanalan
The Clutch

[Waterlight Seeds]

Botanist Mowing Lv15
Western Thanalan
Horizon’s Edge

[Grade 1 Shroud Topsoil]

Miner Rock Lv30
East Shroud
Nine Ivies

[Grade 2 Shroud Topsoil]

Miner Rock Lv50
East Shroud
The Bramble Patch

The theme

Earn with Shards

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Light Seed is an item added in patch 3.3, you can get a shard by planting in fields etc.

However, this Seed was hard to obtain because of HIDDEN items, which was not very convenient.

But patch 3.4 made it easier to use.

Firstly, since the time from seed planting to collection was reduced to 18 hours by global time, it was now possible to obtain a shard every day.

Then, the occurrence rate of the seeds themselves was increased, making it easier to obtain.

Let’s use Shard on crafters or sell it to earn.

First, let’s check how to obtain Light Seed.

Seeds can be obtained by collecting at the above places.

Since this Seed can not be ordered to a retainer, we must take it yourself.

However, it seems that it is not difficult to collect because have a high appearance rate and the effect of the action of raising the amount also works.

Next is the soil.

When planting seeds, soil is required at the same time.

You must use shroud soil to increase the harvest volume.

Grade 1 Shroud Topsoil — HIDDEN item, the action to raise crop yield can also be used Harvest volume 1.3 times

Grade 2 Shroud Topsoil — HIDDEN and LIMIT item, the action to raise crop yield cannot also be used Harvest volume 1.5 times

Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil — Unspoiled Nodes, the action to raise crop yield cannot also be used Harvest volume 2.0 times

Given the ease of availability, I think it would be better to use G1 and G2.

The number of cases when asking the Retainer is as follows.

Grade 1 Shroud Topsoil — 10 pieces

Grade 2 Shroud Topsoil — 3 pieces

Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil — 1 piece

If it is troublesome to collect soil, I think that it is also good to use “Potting Soil (120 Gil)” selling in stores.

The last is the place to plant.

Seeds can be planted not only in fields but also in Flowerpot.

Therefore, even if you do not have a house you can cultivate in Apartments.

Apartments — 2 pieces

Personal Room — 2 pieces

Small Housing — 2 pieces

Medium Housing — 3 pieces

Large Housing — 4 pieces

Even Apartments can obtain shards, so it is a good way to do even without a house.

In addition to enjoying the apartment housing, I think that it is good to earn Gil by taking such measures.