(Making Gil in FFXIV) Palace of the Dead

How to get

Challenge the Palace of the Dead

The theme

Earn with various things available in Palace of the Dead

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Palace of the Dead is content that you can get various items.

In addition, an item called Accursed Hoard with patch 3.4 was added.

As a result, we are now able to earn with various items available.

Palace of the Dead is content that can enter from level 17, so you can earn even in the early stage.

Let’s make Gil by listing the collected items.

1. Gelmorran Potsherd

There are three ways to earn in Palace of the Dead.

First of all, this is Gelmorran Potsherd.

This item can be obtained in the treasure chest in the Palace of the Dead or on the 50th floor clear.

You can exchange it with another item.

There are Minions and Mount etc that can be exchanged, but you can exchange for battle Materia V.

You can earn by battle Materia V on the market.

However, after checking the history of the market before the exchange, I think that it would be better to choose things that are likely to be sold.

2. Allagan Tomestone of Lore

Palace of the Dead can get Allagan Tomestone when clearing every 10th floor. (Experience value if your level is insufficient)

Allagan Tomestone of Lore can be exchanged for Lore’s material.

Because Lore’s materials are used as “shinshiki” materials, there is a demand for crafters.

3. Accursed Hoard(hidden treasure)

And it is Accursed Hoard added from patch 3.4.

This is an item that can be found in the Palace of the Dead, there are many conditions to find it.

– You can find Accursed Hoard when you are standing at a point somewhere in the dungeon (possible during battle)

– Usually it is unknown where it is hidden

– If you use Pomander of Intuition you will be able to see the position of the treasure

– Only one treasure emerges for each floor on every floor

– Sometimes treasure does not appear

– Pomander of Intuition will continue until the treasure is obtained, so it is okay to use it on the floor where there is no treasure

– Even if Pomander of Intuition crosses the floor, the effect will last, so make sure not to use duplicates by mistake

– The Accursed Hoard can be obtained by all parties

– Grade of treasure emerging by hierarchy is different

– Bronze-trimmed Sack appears on floors 1 to 10, and Bronze-trimmed Sack also appears on floors 41 to 50

– Lower layers are better if you collect a lot

Because the 41st to 50th floors take a lot of time to clear, I think that it is better to go around the lower layer if it is a Accursed Hoard hunt.

However, if you clear the 50th floor, you can get Gelmorran Potsherd, so it is not always good.

If you earn with certainty it may be better to aim for Gelmorran Potsherd.