(Making Gil in FFXIV) Wondrous Tails

How to get

Achieve multiple lines in Wondrous Tails

The theme

Earn with reward

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Wondrous Tails is new content implemented with patch 3.4.

Because the reward is luxurious, it can be used as a making Gil.

Let’s earn with a reward for success.

1. basic specification

>Content releasing condition is battle job Level 60

>It is reset every Tuesday at 17 o’clock and you can receive a new Wondrous Tails

>The Wondrous Tails itself can carry over until the next reset

>Clear what you like from 16 types of content

>You can stick a seal at random if you clear the contents

>The seal is like a bingo book, and there is a reward when aligning lines

>You can stick only 9 seals

>If you have uncleared members when clearing content you get a Second Chance point

>You can create advantageous situation by Second Chance point (see below)

2. line reward

Wondrous Tails has four kinds of rewards set.

Rewards are set for 9 squares (0 lines), 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines.

For example, if you succeed in aligning 2 lines, you can earn 9 squares, 1 line, 2 lines of reward, respectively.

However, we can only stick a seal to 9 squares on the 16 squares mount.

Moreover, since the seal is stretched at random, it is difficult to align three lines.

As a result, the reward for 3 lines is gorgeous.

[Example of reward]

9 squares

>Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
>Allagan Tomestone of Lore
>Allagan Platinum Piece

1 line

>Mhachi Matter
>Mhachi Demimatter

2 line

>Allagan Tomestone of Lore
>Mhachi Demimatter
>Dress-up Thancred

3 line

>Ornate equipment

[Example of making Gil]

○Allagan Tomestone of Poetics

Exchange with Orchestrion Roll.

Or Desynthesising what you replaced with equipment.

○Allagan Tomestone of Lore

The easiest thing to do is to exchange for Lore’s materials and Esoterics’s materials.

The price has declined considerably than before, but I think that I can earn a certain extent.

○Mhachi Matter

You can replace battle-Materia-V at Idyllshire.

Check the market before exchanging and look for something that can be sold at high price.

○Mhachi Demimatter

Mhachi Demimatter can also be exchanged for Materia-V at Idyllshire.

This will be for land and hand.

There are players who do not have Ironworks’s equipment yet, so there is demand.

Check the market before exchanging and look for something that can be sold at high price.

○Dress-up Thancred

You can also get a Minion by Wondrous Tails.

This Minion is currently unable to confirm the method of obtaining outside than Wondrous Tails, so there is a possibility of being traded at a high price.

Also, Dress-up Alisaie can also be obtained in Wondrous Tails.

○Ornate equipment

Ornate equipment will surely successfully melding Materia.

Therefore, you can make powerful equipment melding with five pieces of Materia V.

By the way, if you aim for 3 lines, I think that it will be the best to aim for the Ornate Ironworks Apron of Crafting that will emerge in the future.

This equipment can increase the ability of the Crafter considerably, so there should be demand.

3. Content example

-A- ID up to level 49
-B- level 50 ID
-C- level 51 ID to level 59 ID
-D- level 60 ID
-E- Syrcus Tower series
-F- Mhach series
-G- Alexander of the Father or of the Son
-H- Aquapolis or Palace of the Dead
-I- level 50 Trials(Extreme)
-J- level 50 Trials(Extreme)
-K- level 50 Trials(Extreme)
-L- Ultima’s Bane or Urth’s Fount
-M- Ravana(Extreme) or Bismarck(Extreme)
-N- Bahamut
-O- Bahamut
-P- PvP

It is necessary to clear 9 types out of these.

4. Second Chance point

If you have uncleared players when clearing the content you can get a Second Chance point.

You can use this point to make various effects.

>Points can be up to 9 points and will not increase further

>Second Chance points can be carried over to a new Wondrous Tails, so you do not have to use them every time

>Once you release the Wondrous Tails, points accumulate even if you do not have a Wondrous Tails


You can cancel the contents once cleared and clear the uncleared contents.

>Consumption point is 1

>You can choose cleared contents by yourself and make it uncleared

>However, which content is cleared is random

>It only changes the cleared content, so the number of seals does not change


You can change the position of the seal.

>Consumption point is 2

>Can be used only when 3 to 7 seals are affixed

>Seal position changes randomly

5. How to aim line

In order to use Wondrous Tails as a making Gil, we need to arrange as many lines as possible.

Therefore, I will summarize the tips for aligning lines.

>In order to align three lines, it is necessary to arrange each row one by one vertically, horizontally, and slanting.

>There are only 24 out of 11440 ways to become 3 lines (about 0.2%)

>The basic way is to repeat shuffle with seals stuck seven

>Confirm that you can aim three rows from here

>Because the Chance points are limited, we also consider a compromise point

The basis is this way.

However, you have to be careful, even if you make a state with all the lines, you will not receive rewards unless you have the line at the time of submission.

Since it is a judgment point whether or not there are all lines at the time of submission, it may be better not to be too greedy.

Three lines are quite rare, so if you can get reward you may earn a lot.

However, it is a level that only a few people can obtain on one server.

Do not expect too much.