(Making Gil in FFXIV) to replace the Blue Crafters’ Scrip to item

How to get

to replace the Blue Crafters’ Scrip to item

The theme

Earn by a little cumbersome collected items

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You can earn due to exhibit a variety of items available in exchange.

For example, Lore’ materials

Company Seals’ materials

These items, it is a little cumbersome to collect.

That it’s troublesome is that there are players who buy in the market.

And, in the same way of thinking, this time will focus on items that can be exchanged Blue Crafters’ Scrip.

Basic is the main the food, such as Heavensegg and Stone Cheese.

Especially now mentioned two materials has become the material of the Priestly Omelette.

After that, “Powdered Merman Horn” has become the material of the Supramax-Potion, there is also such as “Carbon Fiber” has become the material of the Carbonweave’ equipment.

Because unlike the required number of blue currency by item, I think that good when compared with the price of the market.

In addition, although I put the reference price, please be aware that the price varies depending on the server and the time.

From sales history, let’s determine the items to be exhibited.

【Exchange rate】

※ The price will vary depending on the time and the server

Item Required Reference price
Bouillon Cube 8 2,000
Loaghtan Filet 10 2,800
Golden Apple 10 2,800
Solstice Garlic 10 2,000
Mature Olive Oil 10 3,400
Powdered Merman Horn 12 2,980
Sweet Cream Milk 16 3,000
Stone Cheese 16 3,000
Heavensegg 16 3,000
Heavenly Kukuru Powder 16 3,500
Oriental Bean Sauce 30 4,500
Oriental Bean Paste 30 3,000
Carbon Fiber 50 4,500