(Making Gil in FFXIV) Priestly Omelette

How to get

Culinarian 60☆☆☆☆
Master Recipe Books IV
Only Specialist(In patch 3.4)

【Priestly Omelette ×3】

Heavensegg ×1
Stone Cheese ×1
Brown Mushroom ×1
White Truffle ×1
Tomato Sauce ×1
Highland Parsley ×1
Fire Cluster ×3
Water Cluster ×3

Craftsmanship 995 or more
Control 955 or more

The theme

Earn in Meals for End Contents

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Priestly Omelette is mainly Critical Hit Rate rises, is Meals for combat.

Players go to End Contents who needs this item.

This is popular especially among some Meals.

・There is a popular thing to Critical Hit Rate rises

Meals that will raise the Critical are popular for a long time.

In fact, “Steamed Staff” also were popular.

We have a demand because the easy-to-use in a wide range of class as well as DPS.

・Simple materials

Since the collected the material simply, easy to make.

If except in Heavensegg, Stone Cheese, and Brown Mushroom, rest is a simple material (material will be described later).

If you easy to make, easy to earn.

・Only Specialist

Since only Specialist, Culinarian’ Specialist is It is good that it can monopolize the earnings.

Culinarian is a chance to earn.

For the above reasons, Priestly Omelette becomes the item of attention.

However, because of the Specialist’ recipe, it can not be produced other than Culinarian’ Specialist.

In that case, let’s earn by the materials.

【Materials List】


Blue Crafters’ Scrip ×16 (exchange)

・Stone Cheese

Blue Crafters’ Scrip ×16 (exchange)

・Brown Mushroom

Botanist 60☆☆☆
ET 16:00-
Slot 7

・White Truffle

Botanist Lv35

・Tomato Sauce

Culinarian Lv12

Ruby Tomato
Wild Onion
Garlean Garlic

All materials is available in NPC shop

・Highland Parsley

Botanist Lv15

To most attention in the above item is Brown Mushroom.

Because it is possible to increase the initial Quality greatly.

You can also earn by HQ of this item.