(Making Gil in FFXIV) Company Seals’ material to be used in “ShinShiki”

How to get

To replace the Company Seals

The theme

Earn in the “shinshiki” materials

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In patch 3.4 there is a growing demand for Company Seals’ material.

Because it contains the material in Company Seals’ material needed to make the “ShinShiki”.

So I choose the items that might be able to earn.

The first is the confirmation of the intermediate material that is being used in the “ShinShiki”.

【Intermediate Material】

・Saurian Leather

Saurian Skin ×1
Shroud Tea Leaves ×1

・Cashmere Cloth

Cashmere Fleece ×1
Diluted Vitriol ×1

・Diluted Vitriol ×9

Filtered Water ×9
Vitriol ×6

・Gold Ingot

Raziqsand ×1
Native Gold ×1
Gold Ore ×1

・Teak Lumber

Teak Log ×3
Goblacquer ×2
Borax ×9

・Ancient Lumber

Petrified Log ×1
Scarlet Sap ×1

・Wolfram Ingot

Scheelite ×1
Ferberite ×1
Cobalt Ore ×1

・Wolfram Square

Scheelite ×1
Ferberite ×1
Cobalt Ore ×1

・Enchanted Platinum Ink

Platinum Ore ×1
Voidsent Blood ×1
Minium ×1

・Platinum Ingot

Platinum Nugget ×1(or Platinum Ore ×2)
Raziqsap ×9


Emery ×1
Raw Diamond ×1


Emery ×1
Raw Ruby ×1


Emery ×1
Raw Iolite ×1


Emery ×1
Raw Sapphire ×1

【Use of a single】

・Arachne Web


All of these intermediate materials, contains some Company Seals’ material.

Because the “Shinshiki” will earn items, you can earn even in the material.

Company Seals, gathering is a little cumbersome.

In order to create the “ShinShiki”, since to create an intermediate material or harveste material, it is a lot busy.

Therefore, we can sell the Company Seals’ material to player.

Finally, make sure the exchange rate.

【Exchange rate】

※ The price will vary depending on the time and the server

Item Required Reference price
Filtered Water 20 200
Minium 200 200
Borax 250 2,600
Raziqsap 250 2,600
Saurian Skin 1,500 150
Cashmere Fleece 1,500 600
Raziqsand 1,500 7,800
Petrified Log 1,500 4,500
Scheelite 1,500 10,000
Emery 1,500 8,000
Arachne Web 2,250 16,000
Dubbin 2,250 16,000

If you sell the material as it is, Let’s choose to compare the price of the exchange rate and your server market.

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