(Making Gil in FFXIV) Lore’s material

How to obtain

Exchange by Allagan Tomestone of Lore

The theme
Earn in combat

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Lore’s material is items that have been added in patch 3.4.

Because they have become the material of “Shinshiki”, Crafter are in need.

There are several reasons why by the Lore’s material earn.

・Crafter do not want to battle

Lore’s material should be replaced with the Allagan Tomestone of Lore.

For this reason, you need to get is do battle.

However, there are players that are in the Crafter do not want too much combat.

Since such a player is stocking Lore’s material in the market, it is possible to sell the material.

・Busy with new combat content

A large number of Battle content was added in patch 3.4.

Therefore, player do not have time to collect the Allagan Tomestone of Lore.

And if it fails to content, Lore is not available.

Because there are now of the time players are still practicing, I think it’s good in now the time.

Clear rate rises over time.

Then, there is a possibility that the price of Lore’s material is lowered.

・AW is unfinished player

The latest version of the AW, requires a large amount of lore for completion.

Lore because such player want to use for AW, they cannot afford to replace the tradition material.

Because you want to use the lore for AW, such a player can not afford to replace the material.

This is the main reason.

Because there is a difference in price depending on the material, make sure in the market, let’s exchange and earn likely material.

If players do battle in the main, I think to be a good making Gil.

【Lore exchange rate】

※price will vary depending on the time and the server

Item Required Reference price
Titanium Carbide 20 6,000
Scintillant Nugget 20 6,000
Invisible Silk 20 7,000
Hemicyon Hide 20 7,000
Goblacquer 20 6,000
Goblinol 20 7,000
Titanium Carbide HQ 50 13,000
Scintillant Nugget HQ 50 12,000
Invisible Silk HQ 50 16,000
Hemicyon Hide HQ 50 16,000
Goblacquer HQ 50 15,000
Goblinol HQ 50 14,000
Demicrystal 50 10,000


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