(Making Gil in FFXIV) Luminium Ore・Zeolite Ore・Tungstite・Star Cotton Boll・Brown Mushroom・Teak Log・Noble Sage

How to get

Refer to each item

The theme
Before the other players align the equipment, earn.

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Where to find and the commentary


Gathering 860 or more

[Bonus Conditions]

Generation conditions of bonus is being verified.

A. Perception 870 or more → HQ rate + 15%

B. Perception 890 or more → HQ rate + 35%

C. Gathering 910 or more → Available + 1

D. Gathering 930 or more → Available + 2

Name ET Slot Area Mark Bonus
Luminium Ore 4:00 6 Azys-Lla Aetheryte south B/C/D
Zeolite Ore 6:00 4 Lower-Dravania Quickspill-Delta A/B/C/D
Tungstite 8:00 4 Coerthas-West-Highlands Dragonspit-East A/C/D
Star Cotton Boll 12:00 4 Azys-Lla Antithesis A/B/C/D
Brown Mushroom 16:00 7 Dravania-Spine Mother-of-the-Sheave near A/B/C/D
Teak Log 18:00 6 Lower-Dravania Saint-Mocianne’s-Arboretum southwest A/B/C/D
Noble Sage 20:00 1 Upper-Dravania Tailfeather south A/B/C/D


All these items of seven types is a new material that has been added in patch 3.4.

Such as a new intermediate material and meals, which has also become the items that can earn.

I think that for some time earn in these materials, but already the price of some of the items have been considerably lowered.

For that reason, I think you should earned on these items before the price drops.

If these items are available, let’s earn of the now.