(Making Gil in FFXIV) High Mythrite Ingot

How to get

Blacksmith-60☆☆☆ or Armorer-60☆☆☆

Eikon Mythrite ×2
Lumythrite Ore ×3
Mythrite Ore ×2

Fire Cluster ×3 (Ice Cluster ×3)
Earth Cluster ×2 (Earth Cluster ×2)

Craftsmanship 850 or more
Control 820 or more

The theme
Earn in the material of Ironworks equipment

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High Mythrite Ingot has been used, such as in Ironworks equipment or land and hand Tools of IL195.

Since this item can make the Blacksmith as well as Armorer, should you choose to make easy.

○ Confirmation of the material

・Eikon Mythrite

Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 20 → NQ 1 piece
Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 50 → HQ 1 piece
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 831.

Eikon Mythrite is, a material that can be obtained in exchange for Esoterics.

It also can be purchased from the market.

・Lumythrite Ore

Miner 60☆

Dravania Spine
ET 3:00-
Slot 2
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 831.

Lumythrite Ore is available from Folklore Nodes.

Therefore, you must have Folklore.

・Mythrite Ore

Miner 53

Coerthas West Highlands
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 514.

This is the normal location, but it has become a HIDDEN item.

Overview of the material is over.

If you align HQ all, quality is in 5186/10373.

Since the Mythrite Ore is easy to harvest, I think that it is easier if the HQ.

If the other is a two or three HQ, will be easier to make the High Mythrite Ingot HQ.