(Making Gil in FFXIV) Gold Ingot

How to get

Goldsmith 50☆☆☆
Master Recipe Books I

Raziqsand ×1
Native Gold ×1
Gold Ore ×1

Wind Cluster ×2
Fire Cluster ×1

Craftsmanship 391 or more
Control 374 or more

Quick Synthesis
Craftsmanship 451 or more

The theme
Earn in items that use has increased in patch 3.3

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Gold Ingot is the item of Goldsmith 50☆☆☆.

However, because the equipment used in the patch 3.3 has increased, it has changed to the item that can earn.

First of all, it is land and hand tools of IL195.

These have been implemented at the same time as the Ironworks equipment with patch 3.3.

Gold Ingot has been used in all of the Main tool and Secondary tool. (21 items)

In addition, Gold Ingot quality increase value when compared to other items is low.

Therefore, there is a possibility that will buy in the market by player.

You can sell towards such a player.

Next is Mighty Thunder’s equipment.

It is become a thing that has been added to the patch 3.3.

Gold Ingot has been used for all of these Arms. (14 items)

The last is a Replica Dreadwyrm’s equipment.

Gold Ingot have been also used in these equipment. (35 items)

The sum of the above will be more than 70.

Because they are also used such as Orchestrion and housing item to another, it is used in many items.

If the amount that be used of items increases, it also increases price.

Let’s earnings by using it.

○ Confirmation of the material


Company Seals 1500
ID, such as Snowcloak
Ixali Oaknot 7

There are several available route, but Ixali Oaknot because efficiency is too bad, I think that the exchange of Company Seals is in the main.

・Native Gold

Miner 50☆☆

Central Thanalan
ET 4:00-
Slot 6

Native Gold is available from Unspoiled Nodes.

It will have taken 5 pieces if the request to the retainer.

・Gold Ore

Miner 50☆☆

Eastern Thanalan
ET 9:00-
Slot 6

Gold Ore is also available from Unspoiled Nodes.

It will have taken 9 pieces if the request to the retainer.

If you go in to gather on their own it will available about 25.

Since only Company Seals’s material and the Unknown material, it has become difficult to collect the material.

However, since only a material having a low IL, I think that it’s easy to make the HQ if to strengthen the equipment of the Crafter.

Even items that exist from such earlier, you can earn.