【FFXIV】 31st PLL. Summary of making-Gil and other things

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Summary of making-Gil and other things


・September 27, 2016 published

・When the main scenario quests is to clear The Second Coil of Bahamut (Savage) – Turn 4, the content of the Serif changes

・Reaction range of auto-attack will become to change from 90 degrees to 360 degrees

・Face target will not react in the During the move

・countdown function add

・PVP Spectator mode will has been added, and you can see the HP and movement of all

・Only if you are invited by the organizer, you can participate in the Spectator mode


・Platoons will be implemented

・Simulation game something like make a platoon

・Since the military scrip might consume, you might earn in the delivery-related. Conversely, if earn the military scrip, it makes easier to get the material

・In the future, it is possible to take a platoon to ID


・New Features “Wondrous Tails”

・Weekly content? (Reset by the same timing as Allergan storm Stone)

・Since there is icon of the meal, it might be able to earn with it if bring something specific items


・Aquariums will be added

・Unknown how to prepare the fish

・It might be a new making Gil of Fisher If you put the fish caught


・The Diadem updates

・”Battle Only” is added to the matching conditions

・Adjustments to spoils exchange rates. Yoshida-PD says “better to exchange before patch 3.4”

・New spoiled is added


・Arms of equipment for the Raids add

・Update The Aquapolis reward

○Point especially likely to be making Gil

・Platoons content

Judging from the image, it seems to be content to be using the Company Seals.

If the content need a large amount to Company Seals, it will raise the demand of delivery that can earn the Company Seals.

Looks good is to prepare such a item or material.


Since the aquarium is a quite a lot of demand was furniture, it is going to be a chance to earn as well as the Orchestrion.

First, you may want to prepare the material of the Aquariums.

Glass, sand, stone and wood.

Fish to put is also a point.

Big fishing etc, if the specification of the fishing, the Fisher has the various earning ways likely.

・Arms of equipment for the Raids

FFXIV is because weapon than the armor is more important , I think a considerable demand increases are in the equipment.

In addition, since it is also possible to sell towards the return person, people buy is a multi-likely.

Most new items is material, but looks good is to prepare in anticipation of old items likely to use the part.

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