(Making Gil in FFXIV) Eikon Leather

How to get

Leatherworker 60☆☆☆
Master Recipe Books IV

Eikon Hide ×2
Camphor ×3
Wattle Bark ×1

Earth Cluster ×3
Wind Cluster ×2

Craftsmanship 850 or more
Control 820 or more

The theme
Earn in the material of Ironworks equipment

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Icon cross and came to the Eikon Iron Ingot, the following is Eikon Leather.

This Eikon Leather was also used in the equipment for combat.

And, It is also used in Ironworks equipment.

Icon cross had been used a lot in the Crafter equipment, but the icon leather has been used a lot in the Gatherer equipment.

In addition, because it is also used in accessories and tools, items to be used than the Eikon Cloth. (For the Eikon Cloth 6 item, Eikon Leather 17 items)

If you’re strengthening the equipment of Leatherworker, it will be the quotient material.

○ Confirmation of the material

・Eikon Hide

Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 20 → NQ 1 piece
Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 50 → HQ 1 piece
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 900.

Eikon Metal is, a material that can be obtained in exchange for Esoterics.

It also can be purchased from the market.


Alchemist 60☆☆

Camphorwood Branch ×5
Water Cluster      ×2
Lightning Cluster  ×2

By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 900.

For degree of difficulty is slightly higher, let’s consider that the buy in the market, depending on your situation.

Since the material is readily available, I think that it is better to make your own if possible.

In addition, you can earn even in the camphor itself.

・Wattle Bark

Botanist 60☆

Azys Lla
ET 19:00-
Slot 5
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 685.

Wattle Bark is available from Folklore Nodes.

Therefore, you must have Folklore.

Overview of the material is over.

If you align HQ all, quality is in 5186/10373.

In particular Eikon Hide and Camphor are raise 900.

By you use HQ of these two or three, might make Eikon Leather HQ.