(Making Gil in FFXIV) Desynthesis of the Grade 1 Wheel

How to get

Alchemist 50☆☆

Unaspected Crystal ×1
Silver Ingot ×1
Enchanted Gold Ink ×1
Minium ×1

Water Cluster
Lightning Cluster

The theme
Earn in making-Gil that exists from previous

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Grade 1 Wheel is the item to be used in the FC House.

It seems to be not related to players who do not have a house, but there is a way to earn in this item.

By Desynthesis of the Grade 1 Wheel, Fieldcraft Demimateria III appears.

Since Alchemist rather than the Goldsmith, it might not have been still known.

In addition, by Grade 1 Wheel can be made even if you do not belong to the FC.

Even though items related to FC, has become a making-Gil that can be anyone.

If Desynthesis-level of Alchemist is up, let’s try this way.

This is making-Gil that exist from before, but the reason that took up now is because of the Yo-kai Watch collaboration.

FATE is prevalent in the Yo-kai Watch collaboration

A large number of Company Seals appear

Material of Company Seals is exchanged in large quantities

Material of Company Seals becomes cheaper

So, Minium has become cheap.

It helps out a profit.

Let’s take advantage of this timing.

○ Confirmation of the material

・Unaspected Crystal

You can get a variety of Unspoiled Nodes.

Among them, the efficiency of good is Mor-Dhona(Slot 8).

Because you can get either a Dark Matter Cluster or Unaspected Crystal.

・Silver Ingot

Goldsmith 23

Silver Ore ×3
Wind Shard ×2

・Enchanted Gold Ink

Alchemist 50☆

Gold Sand ×3
Spoken Blood ×1
Water Crystal ×3

Enchanted Gold Ink has become Unspoiled Nodes.

By the way, Grade 1 Wheel, there are a lot of types.

Fieldcraft Demimateria III will emerge from any.


  1. JPONRY says:

    The hell type of language do you call that?
    Apart from the blatant disregard for any grammatical sense, you still haven’t explained how you “make money” from desynthing this?
    For a tenth of the effort, you could make a high quality mythril piece of gear, sell it on the market board and make more gil than from ANYTHING in this. Not to mention, it would be cheaper, quicker and use less inventory space to do so.