(Making Gil in FFXIV) Eikon Iron Ingot

How to get

Goldsmith 60☆☆☆
Master Recipe Books IV

Eikon Metal ×2
Smithsonite Ore ×3
Iron Ore ×3

Wind Cluster ×3
Fire Cluster ×2

Craftsmanship 850 or more
Control 820 or more

The theme
Earn in the material of Ironworks equipment

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It introduced the Eikon Cloth in the previous article.

This article is for Goldsmith.

Eikon Iron Ingot also as well as the Eikon Cloth, was the material of equipment for combat.

However, now it is also used to Ironworks equipment in patch 3.3.

In addition, it is the material of the Endless Expanse’s equipment that make using the Expanse Baleen.

The way is also the same this time.

If it is difficult to earn by equipment, I recommend that earn by the material in this blog.

Depending on whether you are strengthening the equipment of any class, it changes what you make.

Make the Eikon Cloth if class is Weaver. Make the Eikon Iron Ingot if class is Goldsmith.

Let’s choose to fit your equipment.

○ Confirmation of the material

・Eikon Metal

Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 20 → NQ 1 piece
Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 50 → HQ 1 piece
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 1000.

Eikon Metal is, a material that can be obtained in exchange for Esoterics.

It also can be purchased from the market.

・Smithsonite Ore

Miner 60☆

Abalathias Spine
ET 1:00-
Slot 2
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 1000.

Gathering 720 or more

In order to get the HQ
Perception 740 or more

Smithsonite Ore is available from Folklore Nodes.

Therefore, you must have Folklore.

By the way, you can also gather the Meteorite from the same location. ( Meteorite is slot 3)

・Iron Ore

Miner 14
Western Thanalan
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 61.

This is the normal location.

Moreover, the rising value of the quality is considerably low.

Should you buy at the store.

Overview of the material is over.

If you align HQ all, quality is in 5186/10373.

In particular Eikon Metal and Smithsonite Ore are raise 1000.

By you use HQ of these two or three, might make Eikon Iron Ingot HQ.