(Making Gil in FFXIV) Eikon Cloth

How to get

Weaver 60☆☆☆
Master Recipe Books IV

Eikon Fiber ×2
Frost Cotton Boll ×3
Rainbow Cotton Boll ×2

Lightning Cluster ×3
Wind Cluster ×2

Craftsmanship 850 or more
Control 820 or more

The theme
Earn in the material of Ironworks equipment

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Originally, Eikon Cloth was the material of equipment for combat.

However, now it is also used to Ironworks equipment in patch 3.3.

Therefore, demand is continuing still.

If it is difficult to earn by equipment, I recommend that earn by the material in this blog.

However, this item is a little difficult in the 60☆☆☆.

It may be difficult even to make material.

In that case, may be better to the strengthen the keep’s equipment.

By strengthening the main Tool and Body Armor, it would have also players that can make.

Let’s earning by making the HQ.

○ Confirmation of the material

・Eikon Fiber

Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 20 → NQ 1 piece
Allagan-Tomestone-of-Esoterics 50 → HQ 1 piece
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 850.

Eikon Fiber is, a material that can be obtained in exchange for Esoterics.

It also can be purchased from the market.

・Frost Cotton Boll

Botanist 60☆

Coerthas West Highlands
ET 13:00-
Slot 4
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 850.

Gathering 720 or more

In order to get the HQ
Perception 740 or more

Frost Cotton Boll is available from Folklore Nodes.

Therefore, you must have Folklore.

・Rainbow Cotton Boll

Botanist 51

Coerthas West Highlands
By per HQ 1 piece , quality is rise 465.

You can also request at the retainer.

Overview of the material is over.

If you align HQ all, quality is in 5186/10373.

However, to use all HQ is too much.

I think that is good to use the amount of aptitude by calculate how much.